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Di Riseborough is an Intuitive Life Strategist who combines Spiritual Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, and Energy Psychology to assist you in making positive changes and better choices. As an ‘F-Word’ (Fear & Forgiveness) Specialist featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, she helps you become consciously aware of what fears are driving your decisions and acts as an emotional compass helping you navigate life’s challenges.

Psychotherapy is not limited to times of difficulty or stress, it can also be a very valuable tool for personal growth and development. It can help you to feel better about yourself, to understand your own thoughts, feelings, and responses better, and to work towards greater self-fulfillment and mastery.

Di’s unique approach to Psychotherapy can be a safe and thoughtful space to address a spiritual crisis. Some individuals arrive in therapy with a sense of wounding or burden on the level of the spirit. They seek a supportive, open-minded therapist who can aid them in their efforts to feel more emotionally and spiritually whole. Some of these clients describe how they themselves have even sought to deny, or have felt compelled by others to deny, their sense of mystical experience or transpersonal awareness. For such individuals, meeting with a sensitive psychotherapist who honours their efforts to connect with the sacred and cultivate a sense of spirit is a profound experience. It may be a transformational opportunity to engage the needs of the soul, possibly for the first time.

As a provocative speaker on the subject of forgiveness, fear, and courage, she addresses challenging issues with an edgy, entertaining and informative presentation style. Di packs her presentations with how-to’s, humor and inspiration where she stresses the importance of living our lives in the present with The Seven Keys of C.O.U.R.A.G.E., a 7-key acronym she uses to teach people how to live their best life, leaving people feeling more confident, empowered with a deeper sense of self-worth, and figuratively “on fire” to change their lives.

Di is the author of the #1 Bestseller Forgiveness: How to Let Go When It Still Hurts, where she shows readers how the impact of forgiving can change your life. Through her powerful story of overcoming a number of life’s challenges and ultimately facing the man who murdered her Grandmother, she shows the reader how to turn your experiences into an action plan, face your fears & reclaim your personal power. Visit www.diriseborough.com to download your complimentary 12 Faces of Fear Assessment that sabotage your success, happiness and abundance.



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