Inspiring Organizations: The Mama Bear Effect

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Inspiring Organizations is our ongoing blog series that highlights inspiring organizations from around the world.

  “Let Us Help You Rock the Talk on Body Safety” 

― The Mama Bear Effect

by Anne-Marie Wiesman

The Mama Bear Effect seeks to empower adults to actively protect children from sexual abuse by raising awareness and promoting conversations and behaviors that can prevent abuse.

There are many misconceptions regarding this issue, specifically:

  •  the reality of child sexual abuse – occurrence, offenders, scenarios
  • risk factors that permit child sexual abuse to exist in our society today.
  • prevention methods to deter abusers and detect & cease abuse that is occurring.
  • how society handles disclosures of abuse – often failing to support survivors, and instead – defending abusers and minimizing their actions.
  • failures of the justice system, protective services, and family court.

The Mama Bear Effect will work diligently and endlessly to expose the reality of child sexual abuse and put an end to dangerous misconceptions.

We believe that all good people have a “Mama Bear” instinct – a desire to protect innocent children from a harm greater than what they could ever imagine. A willingness to face our fears, overpower our desire to turn away from such evil, and conquer the ignorance that clouds our understanding of how child sexual abuse exists and is afflicting our nation and world.

We must protect our children.  We will fight back. This is The Mama Bear Effect.

Who is a mama or papa bear?


1. A parent who has an incredible inner strength and sense of courage, often previously unbeknownst to the subject before having children, unleashed when any child, not necessarily his/her own, is considered to be at risk of injury or harm.

2. Any person who, when a child is in pain, feels their pain, and is willing to go above and beyond to protect the children of this world.

3. Someone that is ready to tear down the societal taboo that surrounds child sexual abuse. A person willing to use their voice and their energy to make others aware and educate society on how this abuse can be prevented. How we can all better protect children from being abused, more effectively save children who are being abused and support their healing after abuse. 


Aren’t they Inspiring?

To learn more about The Mama Bear Effect or to Contact please visit The Mama Bear Effect Website at


Anne-Marie Wiesman

Anne-Marie is the Founder and CEO of Healing Connection Network and Co-Host of Healing Connection Network Radio Show. She is a Tapping Expert, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner.  As well as an Author, Advocate and Activist. Anne-Marie is also, the Founder of Follow Your Song a website and blog created to bring Inspiration, Encouragement and Hope to survivors of all forms of abuse. Anne-Marie Volunteers for The Mama Bear Effect an Organization created to bring awareness and prevention of Childhood sexual abuse.  Anne-Marie is on the Board of Directors at Bliss Spiritual Co-op as the Director of Marketing.

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