Inspirations: Becky Jones

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Inspirations is our ongoing blog series that highlights inspiring people from around the world.

  “My mission is to create A Gathering Place of L O V E +

H O P E + E N L I G H T E N M E N T ”

― Becky Jones

by Anne-Marie Wiesman

Beginning a life of Energy Work was truly a type of divine guidance for Becky. She had spent certain periods of her life self-medicating and “praying away” a lot of her sensitivities and deep feelings. There were many times she felt isolated and alone. As she grew up and began searching for healing and clarity she began to more fully understand herself and her life purpose. This came to her in waves sometimes through hard work and healing, and sometimes through very difficult depression and physical ailment. This beautiful process of self-reflection and perseverance lead her to Energy Work.

She quickly realized her desires for deep personal connection to others was meant for something more than just herself. She found healing and growth and had dedicated herself to helping others do the same through the beautiful tools available through Energy Healing. Through much self-reflection and learning, she has arrived at a place where she is living out her life purpose and standing within her gifts, abilities, and connection to those around her and God.

Through hard work and training, utilizing her own intrinsic qualities and gifts, she specializes in helping people to heal, clear emotional baggage, connect with others, and identify and achieve their personal goals to more fully stand within their highest potential. Using kinesiology, Reiki, intuition, and source energy, she is able to identify the core issues that are causing distress, anxiety, illness and stress. This work is perfectly suited for anyone and everyone, no matter what part of your life journey you are on. There is always more room for growth, understanding of self, direction, healing and joy.

She utilizes a variety of positive and healing tools to help you move past the obstacles in your life. Through one on one intuitive work or hands on energy work, she will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal and professional goals as well as help to identify any blocks holding you back from being your best self. Becky works tirelessly with her clients to help them develop different perspectives, healing, and the ability to achieve the outcomes they are striving for. A Gathering Place of L O V E + H O P E + E N L I G H T E N M E N T

Becky is also the Founder and creator of The Energy Healing Magazine which was born out of inspiration. There was a pull to develop a bigger platform and a gathering place for those who were interested in energy work, as well as for energy workers to share their vast wealth of knowledge and experiences. It is a place for the intrigued to learn as well as for the seasoned professional to gain more and share more.

Becky shares, “As the founder, I originally had a background in photography and graphic design and knew that that stepping stone on my path to my truer calling of energy healing was being underutilized in my current work. As I meditated and prayed and pondered the form began to take shape, the beginning of the idea of the Energy Healing Magazine.The beauty of the magazine is first, that it was truly spiritually inspired. I did not even really know what an online magazine was, let alone how to begin one, only simply that there was a need for one. As I went about my research to figure out what this platform would look like it quickly became apparent that it was not going to truly fit the box of what is currently available. It was not going to be a blog, or a zine, or even a publication, but some sort of morph of them all. As I continued on with my divinely guided inspiration and utilizing my design skill, I created the design, logo, and feel of the online healing community.”

In Energy Healing Magazine, it is important to Becky that “all the articles that are chosen for publishing, the events board, even the feel and look of it, are all meant to inspire healing and growth and deeper processing and joy for those that visit and participate within it. It is meant to bring understanding, comradery, togetherness, and enlightenment. On top of all of that, one of the most important reasons this magazine exists is to bring together all energy workers from every walk of life. With no bias of it being only spiritual, or religious or scientific, but all combined to touch on every idea and inspiration. It is a place of non-judgment and a place to feel and give love to others. It is a place to make you smile and hope.”

So, pop on over whenever you have time and let yourself be guided to the perfect article for you. Or, if you have a burning desire to share an idea or learning or passion with the community feel free to submit an article of your own to EHM. If you are ever aware of an energy work event or class or seminar, please feel free to share it for posting on their community events page. The idea behind all of this and Becky’s goal was to “make this magazine something that is owned by none of us and all of us. A place to give back and take what you need all at the same time. Lift, experience, read, and enjoy all that it has to offer.”

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Anne-Marie Wiesman

Anne-Marie is the Founder and CEO of Healing Connection Network and Host of Healing Connection Network Live TV.  She is a Tapping Expert, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner.  As well as an Author, Advocate and Activist. Anne-Marie is also, the Founder of Follow Your Song a website and blog created to bring Inspiration, Encouragement and Hope to survivors of all forms of abuse. Anne-Marie Volunteers for The Mama Bear Effect an Organization created to bring awareness and prevention of Childhood sexual abuse.  Anne-Marie is on the Board of Directors at Bliss Spiritual Co-op as the Director of Marketing.

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