Easy 10 Minute Yoga in Bed Good Morning Sequence

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by Madison Rosenberger

Not a morning person? I have put together a short, simple sequence of gentle yoga poses you can do while still in bed! If you are like me, you may have a tendency to lay in bed for 10 minutes and check social media before facing the day. How about challenge yourself that for the next 10 days you replace your 10 minutes of scrolling with 10 minutes of yoga? These poses are not intimidating but give your body enough motivation to rise and shine. Start your day off by tapping into your body so that you can hold onto the mind-body connect throughout your work day.

Reclined Sidebend
A simple stretch from side to side to open up the side body. Stretch your arms overhead, reach to the top right corner of the bed while your toes reach to the bottom right corner and try to imitate a banana. Make sure to really reach through the left arm and down through the left leg to stretch the left side body. Get as long as you can and feel the rib cage lifting away from the hip. Repeat on the opposite side.

Happy Baby
After coming back to center after your side bends reach out for the outer edges of the feet or the big toes. Draw the knees towards the armpits while keeping the sacrum and low back planted on your mattress. Roll around and have fun! It is called happy baby after all! Giggle and find your childlike innocence, it’s a lot easier to greet the day with laughter.

Reclined Forward Fold

Extend the feet up to the ceiling and with straight knees reach up towards the feet. Grab a hold of whatever is closest, shins, ankles, or bottoms of the feet. If you need a little assistance you can keep a belt, old tie, or scarf nearby, lasso the feet and use it as an extension of your arms to reach the feet! Make sure to keep the tailbone down on the bed so you can feel the stretch up the hamstrings! Also keep the shoulders down on the bed and drawn down and away from your ears.

Knees to Chest
Hug the knees to the chest compressing the stomach and promoting healthy digestion! Rock back and forth until you rock yourself up to a seated position.

Bring the soles of the feet together creating a butterfly shape with your knees. Keeping the back straight and the shoulders drawn down the back, hinge at the hips and fold forward over your feet. While folding forward show your feet a little love and give them a rub. Warm the up for the big day ahead of them!

Seated Twist
Coming into a cross-legged seated pose inhale the arms over the head, exhale turn towards the right, bringing the left hand to the right knee and the right hand on the bed behind you. Gaze over your right shoulder as you gently twist the spine. Gently push your left hip forward in space to help you achieve a deeper twist. Keep the spine and neck tall and straight! Repeat towards the left side. Always remember to twist towards the right first to promote healthy digestion.

Seated Meditation
The sequence up until this point should take you around 5 minutes and then you will spend the last half of your time in bed in quiet meditation. There are many techniques that can be applied to a meditation practice but the simplest form is through attention to the breath. Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes and then consciously follow your breath. You may even repeat the mantra “I breathe in,” I breathe out” over and over to help your mind stay attentive on its task. The key to meditation is to allow whatever comes up to arise. Do not judge or critique yourself for allowing your mind to wander, simply bring your focus back to the breath every time you stray. And remember that it is perfectly okay if you have to redirect your attention every second. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Release your harsh self-talk and replace it with sweet nothings. Good morning! You are now ready to tackle your day with a clear body, mind, and spirit!

Madison now holds certifications in Advanced Akashic Records Reading, Reiki, Advanced Angel Card Reading, Assertiveness Coaching, Realm Reading, Natural Health for animals and the doTERRA AromaTouch Technique.  Madison is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance and her yoga studies are vast including certifications in Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, and Gentle Yoga. Currently, Madison is in school working towards completing her Ph.D in the Natural Health Sciences. On the weekends you can find her co-creating her first Mermaid Oracle Deck with her boyfriend, Brad, or playing with her Great Dane fur-child, Roscoe! To book a one-on-one session with Madison, download her free eBook, “Self-Care as a Spiritual Act”, or check out her blog, visit her website, www.madisonrosenberger.com 



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