Healing Connection Network

Our Mission

Healing Connection Networks is striving to help spread healing throughout the world through our work with Create Global Healing by giving healers around the world a free online presence and a way to share their work and their gifts with the world, while giving Healers a platform to be found and to be able Connect, Co-Create and Collaborate with other healers and Practitioners from around the world.

Healing Connection Network in conjunction with Create Global Healing will help Facilitate, Organize and set up Summits,  Workshops and Healing Clinics  around the world that can continue to be run after we leave to give communities access to both give and receive Energy Healing.


We believe we are in a time of great transition upon earth in which people are being called forward to discover and share their gifts of healing to help heal themselves and the world. People are realizing and beginning to harness the intuitive, innate, self-healing abilities which exist in each and every one of us and are beginning to harness that power to share that healing with others and teach them how as well. We are providing a platform for healers to share their message through our community as well our radio show.


Our desire is to make a significant contribution to bringing about a collective shift that results in global healing in our world. Our vision is for adults and children worldwide to connect with innate ability to heal themselves and then share their healing gifts with others.  Along with Dr. Leyden we hope to “help each other in a spirit of “Oneness”,and an unbroken circuit of giving and receiving so that we can all participate in co-creating a better future for ourselves and our world.” Lori Leyden, Founder of Create Global Healing

Healing Connection Network works with and supports Create Global Healing Founded by Dr. Lori Leyden~

Create Global Healing is a nonprofit organization striving to light the spirit of hope, healing, dignity and peace for traumatized young adults in war-torn countries by providing trauma healing, heart-centered leadership and economic sustainability support, as well as providing inspirational connections between these young people, US students and humanitarians we serve. We believe that global healing will take place through compassionate, heart-centered experiences that foster the understanding that we are all connected as global citizens desiring the same things – to love and be loved, to live a meaningful life and to have a bright, peaceful future.

Create Global Healing believe’s that everyone is entitled to live a life with dignity, peace and hope and that the promise for peace in our world lies in nurturing our children in becoming global citizens and heart-centered leaders. By providing support for traumatized young people around the world and developing opportunities for US students and humanitarians to connect with young people, Create Global Healing seeks to shine a beacon of light on one of the greatest human gifts that can unite us all – the power and resilience of the human heart and spirit.

Our Goals are to:

  • To spread healing throughout the World
  • Connect with people with shared vision
  • Foster global healing through heart-centered work
  • Bring Healers together to create Healing Energy Clinics around the World
  • Create collaborations with individuals and organizations that share our mission and values.

Anne-Marie Wiesman and Scott Wiesman – Founders

Anne-Marie Wiesman Founder and CEO of Healing Connection Network, Tapping Expert, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner, as well as the Social Media Manager for Create Global Healing, Director of Marketing for Bliss Spiritual Co-op.and Founder of Follow Your Song a website and blog created to bring Inspiration, Encouragement and Hope to survivors of all forms of abuse. Anne-Marie is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Domestic Violence and Narcissistic Abuse who specializes in abuse recovery and is an Author, Advocate, Activist and was a facilitator for Oprah’s Belief Series. 

Scott Wiesman is the Founder and COO, CTO as well as the Creator, Designer and Developer of Healing Connection Network. Scott began his work and love of computers as a child taking apart and repairing computers. Scott started his first Company at the age of 15. He has 20 years of IT experience beginning as a tech and working his way up to IT Manager, later becoming the owner of his own company Work-Wies, which provides Web Design, Ecommerce Development, and Premium Hosting to International Clients. Scott is the IT manager for Create Global Healing and provides a donated web design project each year to a non-profit that resonates with the vision here at Healing Connection Network. Scott does Philanthropy work for non-profits through his Web Design Company. He is a cancer survivor and devoted member of his community.